Primary English (Primary 1 to 6)

Students are exposed to grammar, vocabulary, synthesis and transformation, oral, comprehension and composition skills. The continuous exposure to these components build a strong foundation for students to overcome challenging questions.

Primary Math(Primary 1 to 6)

Adhering to the new Mathematics syllabus, our Math teachers are able to draw relevance for mathematics to real life. Students are continuously exposed to myriad level of difficulties of mathematics sums.

Primary Science (Primary 3 to 6)

Our teachers prepares worksheets to expose students to science concepts and draw relevance to real life applications. To add, our teachers consistently reinforce science key words and application in answering questions.

Secondary English (Secondary 1 to 4)

Students are exposed to grammar, vocabulary, oral, comprehension, summary and composition skills. Worksheets are designed to help students cope with the demands of the language. In this higher order learning, teachers expand and broaden students’ knowledge through exposure, analysis and discussion of current affairs. These skills and knowledge prepares students in narrative, expository writing and future learning.

Secondary Math (Secondary 1 to 4)

The Secondary Mathematics tuition seeks to give students a strong mathematical concept and foundation. Concise notes and summary provide easy reference and revision for the students. To handle the rigour of the challenging questions and to harness students’ examination taking skills, questions with different levels of difficulties are provided by our teachers. Ultimately, the programme hopes to develop students’ interest in the subject and correlate mathematical concepts to real life.

Secondary Science (Secondary 1 to 4)

The Secondary Science tuition helps students to understand and sharpen their concepts and applications. Our teacher expose the students to different examination based questions, allowing students to be familiar with the examination structure and meeting examination-answering techniques.