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“A1 For Both A Math And E Math!”

“Before joining Spring Tuition, my A Math was F9 and I was scoring borderline A1 for E Math. My main problems were with time management and also how to quickly visualize solutions to math problems.

After going to Spring Tuition, I obtained high A1 for both A Math and E Math at the O levels. Mr Tok is a very inspiring tutor who is also very approachable, readily offering his guidance whenever I had any difficulties in solving problems both in class and after class.

I manage to achieve 9 As for my ‘O’-level & I was able to enter my dream college in Raffles Junior College. Thank you Mr Tok!”

Seah Qi Yan
Anglican High School to Raffles Junior College, 6 pts & 9 As in ‘O’-level

Chow Zhe Hui
Chung Cheng High to Victoria Junior College, ‘O’ Level 8 pts

“From C6 To Distinction For ‘O’ Level!”

“Spring Tuition has a really conducive learning environment, where everybody is very motivated to work hard.

Mr Tok is always able to drill the essential knowledge into me and ensure that I am well prepared for any questions that may come my way. Mr Tok has also trained me well in terms of strong understanding of concepts, ability to apply my knowledge to achieve grades as well as speed in completing the challenging questions.

With Spring Tuition, my grades have improved from C6 to distinctions in both A Math & E Math in -’O’-level. Thank You Mr Tok!”

ANOTHER Double A1 For A Math And E Math!

“I’m pleased with my results and i most certainly could not have done it without Mr Tok’s help and guidance.Thank you for teaching me all these years, you have really helped me develop a passion for math and motivate me to push myself to study hard for math and other subjects.I am forever grateful for the time and effort you put in to teach me and help me in both primary and secondary school.Thank you so much for everything you have done for me!”

Jun Kai
Victoria School to Victoria Junior College, ‘O’ level 7 pts

Shannon Chow
Cedar Girls’ Sec to Raffles Junior College, ‘O’ level 7 pts

“C6 To A1 For ‘O’ Level A Math!”

“Before I came to Spring Tuition Centre, I was averaging on a C for A Math, it was hard for me to keep up with the class since it was already hard enough for me to understand the basics let alone grasp harder questions. I always had difficulty tackling questions in the exam paper because I didn’t know how to break the question down.

Mr Tok always put in the extra efforts to make sure that no one in the class is left behind and wouldn’t mind giving extra time to help those with questions, he gives helpful advice to his students and understands that without the basics mastered, students will not be able to move forward in Maths.

Mr Tok has helped me improve from C6 to A1 for my ‘O’-level A.Maths! Thank you Mr Tok!”

“From Barely Passing To A1 In A And E Math!”

“My math grades have improved drastically since I’ve joined Spring Tuition Centre, from barely passing math in mid years in sec2 to getting consistent As in upper sec and A1 for both A and E maths in O levels.

I had struggled with the fundamentals such as algebraic expansion and manipulation, but I managed to get a good grasp of it by the end of sec2 (after joining Spring Tuition in post-MYEs )

Mr Tok has helped tremendously in my understanding in maths, and that has been evident in the results that I have attained under him!”

Sean Ong
Anglican High School to Raffles Junior College, ‘O’ level 7 pts

Sim Wen Fei
Anglican High School to Victoria Junior College, ‘O’ level 7 pts

“From C6 To A1 In Both A Math And E Math!”

“Mr Tok is a dedicated and warm teacher who can quickly spot a student’s area of weakness. He is strategic in his planning, and would always choose practice questions that are highly relevant.

Mr Tok is also a teacher who can make the learning of Mathematics very simple and easy! I remember I was struggling with EMaths in Sec 3 and that was when my mum first brought me to meet Mr Tok. Mr Tok gave me a very good impression and I continued to learn under him for 2 years (for both Emaths and Amaths). Since joining Spring Tuition, my grades only went up.

He has helped me improved from a C6 to an amazing A1 in both A.Maths & E.Maths in ‘O’-level!”

“Top Math Student In Anglican High Thanks To Mr Tok”!

“I chose to join Spring Tuition ever since secondary 1, as I’ve heard many positive comments about the centre from my cousins. By the end of my secondary school journey, I was still enrolled in Spring Tuition and I believe that this clearly shows how effective the tuition had been for me!

Mr Tok is an extremely effective and engaging tutor; throughout my 4 years in Spring, he has never failed to impress me with his mind-blowing teaching method as well as problem solving tactics! My math grade has always been consistently high and I was the top student in both A.Maths & E.Maths throughout my 4 years in Anglican High and really, credits goes to him!!

Even after O level, I continued to achieve good grades for my H2 math and whenever my JC friends ask me how I always manage to sustain an A, I’ll tell them “oh I had a really good math tutor in secondary school.” To be honest, I would’ve continued to join the tuition if there was a JC class back then!! And now that there is one, I’ve told my juniors to quick sign up!”

Chantelle Lee
Anglican High School to Raffles Junior College, ‘O’ level 7 pts

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“2 X A1 For A And E Math!”

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