Clean & Conducive Learning Environment

Our Teachers

Our teachers and students play active roles in the teaching and learning processes respectively.  Here, each teacher plays an authority figure to coach, facilitate and enhance understanding of the students, with a goal of academic excellence.  In tandem, our teachers conduct regular checks with the students on the topics that they are doing in school.

This collaborative teaching style allows the teachers to cater to the students’ needs in group tuitions.  To add, students are encouraged to reinforce their learning through asking questions and clearing their doubts after each lesson.

Our professional and specialised teachers are stringently selected based on their qualifications, wealth of teaching experiences, subject knowledge and adherence to the MOE syllabus, and most importantly, their passion and dedication to impart their knowledge to the students.

To date, the compassion and dedication of our teachers help to place the students in good stead for examinations as well as future endeavours. To add, our teachers foster a productive two-way communication with the students, thus deterring apprehension from the students and encouraging class participation.

Ultimately, we conduct stringent regular evaluations of our teachers, so as to ensure that they maintain their teaching standards and professionalism.